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Mo and a robot by dancefloorwhore Mo and a robot by dancefloorwhore
This is me and a robot
I am Mo
If you are around me enough you may learn
that I do not like being given a label
My favorite color is purple
I have a dog named Pekaboo
And a hampster named Boris Yeltsin
That I find psychology, astronomy, and molecular biology very interesting
I talk really loud
I can be a real asshole sometimes
I smoke
I am probably better off staying away from rum and vodka-grapes
If you get me laughing hard enough, my laugh sounds like a hyena's
I don't usually wear a lot of makeup
I do usally wear jeans and a tshirt
I don't like being cold
I like a lot of different music
I like pirates
I have an affinity for thumping soundsystems and old school boomboxes
I find robots to be sweet as hell
And this is only the beginning of what you might learn about me

Still interested?

I swear I just gave up on backgrounds
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spookowl Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2006
wow! I love the poses and expressions very nice symbolicm with this the colors too!
the-burning-claw Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2005
This makes me think of the Flaming Lips.

Unit 3000-21 is warming
Makes a humming sound when its circuits
Duplicate emotions, a sense of coldness detaches
As it tries to comfort your sadness

One more robot learns to be
Something more than a machine
When it tries the way it does
Makes it seem like it can love
Cause it's hard to say what's real
When you know the way you feel
Is it wrong to think it's love
When it tries the way it does...

Feeling a synthetic kind of love
Dreaming a sympathetic wish
As the lights blink faster and brighter...
catastrotaffy Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2005
I remember seeing this at Sheezyart [I think?] but SA was in stupid read only mode at the time so I just saved it and meant to go find it later but now here it is on DA :] which makes me very happy.
Anyway I really like this, your colouring method is so pretty and soft looking and I love the interaction between yourself and the robot [robots = :heart:]
Azha Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2005
well you sound absolutely wonderfull to me <3 ever since we first started talking a year ago I've always wanted to know you. love you so much, mo-bot.
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August 28, 2005
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